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Collecting Historic and Pre-Historic Pipes

Pipes are my favorite relic type. Pipes from the Southeast are almost an obsession with collectors. During a time in prehistory when mound builder society had began agriculture and had established hierarchy with chiefdoms and ceremonial seasons, they had found time, and developed imagination to the manufacture of pipes from pottery and various stone materials. The pipe or calumet was used for pleasure and as a ceremonial smoking vessel with respect to it's use, and to it's storage when not in use. From the Late Archaic period and the first signs of pipe use to the coming of the Europeans the pipe was an important aspect of every day life, and a lot of pride went into the manufacture and acquisition of materials used to make them. Minnesota pipestone has been found as far south as Floyd County, Georgia (personal communication) and the acquisition of these materials was high on the pipe makes "want" list. To vary your artifact collection, try investing in one of these fine and highly collectible artifacts. I am sure you will find it rewarding to sit and think of the use and of possibly simpler and less technical days of long ago...mounds, the smell of camp fires, and the every day noises of a Mississippian chiefdom that we will never know. Thanks for reading. Alton

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